About Me

Welcome to my ~Happy Dance~

I am Mommie Tommie, a name given to me by one of my oldest daughters friends.
I have been married to my husband for 23 years, we are blessed with two amazing daughters, the oxygen of my life.
Over the last few years we like so many of you have fell prey to hard times, Hubby and I both work full time jobs, but sadly we got to the point it just was not enough, we were struggling to keep our heads above water, living from paycheck to paycheck and wondering where our next $10 was coming from so I could have gas money to get to work.

I started out slowly, the first time I used coupons in sincerity and saved $18.25, I did my first ~Happy Dance~ right in the check out lane at Wal Mart.

Following the advice of Moneysavingmom, we became a cash only family this was the first step for our success, since adopting this practice we have paid off our humble home and several other major bills we had looming.

We don't indulge in "extra's" as often as we used to, we have learned to make do with what we have, and much to our surprise the world is still spinning and life is moving forward and we are happier than we have been in a very long time.

I welcome you and hope that something you find here on ~Happy Dance~ helps you save money or just makes you smile.

Mommie Tommie