Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Reality.... as I know it

This is reality as I know it:
I work outside the home full time.
I have 2 amazing daughters, one just got married!! the other will be a Senior this year.
My husband also works full time outside the home.
We all reside with  our kitty cats and dogs.
Life is hectic to say the least, but it is real.
I began using coupons at the suggestion of a friend and co-worker, I am now officially obsessed and we have been saving on average 65% or more on our grocery bill every month.
I want to share with you how its done in the real world, not in a world of garages filled to the brink, or houses bursting at the seam.
We use coupons so that we have more breathing room between paychecks and the ability to put money back for those lovely unexpected expenses or better yet to reward ourselves for our hard work.
Join me on my journey.

~Happy Dance~
Mommie Tommie

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