Tuesday, July 9, 2013

You can lead a horse to water......

You all know the saying "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink"
I find this to be so true when it comes to using coupons and being vigilant about saving money.
I wish I had a dollar or better yet a coupon for every time I hear,
"I don't have time for coupons"
"I don't have patience for coupons"
"Coupons are such a hassle"
My favorite..."I really need to start doing that"
AkKkKK enough already!
Yes it takes time, and patience and oh it can be a hassle.
But like everything worth doing, it takes time and patience.
I feel that if saving money is important enough to a person they will make the time, I spend roughly 2 hours a week on clipping coupons, price matching and looking up deals online.
But between my man and I we spend 80+ hours a week making that money.
At Walmart alone this past weekend I saved $32.50 that my friends is more than I make in 2 hours of my work day.
If the money is worth making, in my mind its worth saving.
I end my rant with "GET STARTED ALREADY!!!"
~Happy Dance~


  1. I love that ranting!! so true!!!

  2. I don't get papers with coupons in them. Once in a while I find one at work and get to use it.

  3. Where do you live?
    I would be lost if I didn't get my Sunday paper coupon fix!
    Email me and I will send you some of my "extras"
    Thank You both for your commets!
    come see me again soon!
    ~Happy Dance~